Trisula’s three Values are the principles and practices that all our employees adopt every day at work. Adopting these Values is helping us to achieve our Philosophy and Mission. These Values have helped to make Trisula what it is today: not just a highly successful clothing company but also a reliable and innovative fashion provider and a diversified holding company.

The three elements of Quality, Care and Commitment combine to form the basic essence of Trisula Corporation’s character and spirit. It is the source of its energy, inspiration and creativity. Just like the circle of life, the three elements will continue to dynamically roll towards Trisula’s final objective.

We believe in achieving the highest quality in everything we do by combining the skills of the heart and the mind. We always ask: how can this be improved? This dedication to excellence means all our products and services are of the highest quality. Reflecting and implementing commitment and care in all our thoughts, words and deeds gives birth to enthusiasm, passion and commitment to deliver the highest quality possible. Trisula Corporation is an inspiration and a source of energy and innovation, and will continue to excel in productivity and creativity, delivering the very best for shareholders and stakeholders.

We apply a world-class standard of care to everything we do. This includes how we manufacture a garment, how we manage renowned fashion brands, and how we run five-star luxury hotels, and also how we treat our employees, customers and stakeholders, and how we abide by global standards of corporate governance.

We all pledge a commitment to Trisula, a promise to work hard and strive for the very best results every day. This commitment has built strong family bonds between our businesses and between our teams of employees, helping Trisula to enhance its position as an industry leader. Without deep and clear commitment to ourselves, our careers, our work and our business partners and colleagues, we cannot fully achieve our Philosophy to create a better life for all.