Human Capital Development

Trisula considers its employees to be essential assets and valuable members of the broad Trisula family. When recruiting, we look not just for skills and experience but also for people with the right attitude. We consult with them to plot their career paths and then ensure we develop their skills and evaluate them on a regular basis.

Our Human Capital Development is managed by what we call The Trisula Spirit. This is a philosophy of people management based on Trisula’s three core Values of Quality, Care and Commitment.

Each year we run a Development Programme and we stage a sports event for the workforce. We believe sport is one of the most useful tools to unite everybody from different backgrounds and cultures.

We also have our annual Trisula Appreciation Day when all employees (approximately 1,000 people) gather in one place. The purpose of the day is to have fun together and get to know each other better and for Trisula to show its appreciation of our employees.

Each company gives an award to the highest-performing employees in certain categories. The day is held at the beginning of year, usually in mid-February and in the past two years the company has invited employees’ families to join in because Trisula believes that the families play a major role in each employee’s work success.

The Trisula Appreciation Day now includes a career event when job openings are discussed. Trisula encourages its employees to switch jobs within the group if they want to, so they can grow their skills and job satisfaction. At the same time, the employees will get to know more about the group, as they will see the different kinds of companies within Trisula.

And when employees are ready for retirement, Trisula also helps them plan for that event.