Our History

From its humble beginnings in 1968 in Indonesia, Trisula has grown into a diversified corporation of highly successful and well-governed businesses with operations across much of Asia and Australasia.

Armed with only a few weaving looms, local entrepreneur Tirta Suherlan established a textile company in Bandung, near Jakarta. His strict adherence to quality has been the company’s key success factor ever since. He adopted cutting-edge textile manufacturing technology from Japan to maximise quality, and his focus on care and commitment inspired employees to give their best.

In 1981 we launched our flagship brand, Bellini, and five years later began exporting our goods. By 1989 we had established our Garments division, and were manufacturing branded garments and distributing them in Japan, the US, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, in addition to the large and growing market in Indonesia.

Our full-scale overseas operations began in 1996 in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa. Two years later we established our Corporate Garments (uniform) division and began producing uniforms for banks, airlines, hotels, resorts and the public (government) sector.

Our success in producing and marketing garments led us to establish our own brands. Our most famous textile brands, domestically and globally, are Bellini and Caterina. In 1994 we set up a Retail division, created and launched the JOBB brand, and obtained the licence for the global leisurewear brand Jack Nicklaus and the rights to market those garments in Indonesia.

Today Trisula has three main garment brands – JOBB, Jack Nicklaus and G2000 – and boasts 290 retail outlets throughout Indonesia.

We also have our furniture brand Chitose, winner of the highly respected “Top Brand” award in Indonesia every year from 2012 – 2016.

Trisula made a strategic move to diversify into furniture in 1979 when it acquired the trademark of and license to market and distribute the famous Japanese brand Chitose. Since then Trisula’s subsidiary Chitose Indonesia Manufacturing has expanded the furniture range from 13 product lines to 300, significantly increased its domestic market share and begun reaching international markets.

Another major diversification was into property, both investment and hospitality. Several key development projects have been completed with others in progress, while Trisula has had great success with its five hotels in Bali.

Trisula is still run with pride and dedication by the same Suherlan family who have ensured that Tirta Suherlan’s guiding principles are now enshrined as the company’s corporate Values.

The Textiles and Garments divisions have five production facilities that can manufacture a combined total of almost 5 million pieces per month. Between 2009 and 2011, the production capacity of these facilities increased rapidly and they are now using an estimated 95 per cent of production capacity.

We were deeply proud to float Trisula International on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2012, a massive achievement by our Board of Directors and our employees, and a major milestone in our history.

In June 2014, Trisula added another of its companies, Chitose Internasional, to the Jakarta Stock Exchange trading floor.

Trisula is planning to expand in the near future across its Business Pillars. We will, provide more jobs and enlarge our share of the Indonesian garment market through quality improvement, product development and more effective pricing. We also plan to expand our retail, textile and property portfolios and introduce more international brands to the Trisula family.