Trisula Corporation is one of Indonesia’s most respected businesses, with interests in textiles, garment manufacture, retail, property and furniture. Its employees enjoy some of the fairest and most rewarding working conditions in Indonesia – conditions regulated by international standards.

The corporation has developed an advanced system of corporate governance and has operations across much of Asia and Australasia. It is also the holding company for the publicly listed business Trisula International, which specialises in garment manufacture and the management of popular and lucrative clothing brands, and which floated on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2012.

Trisula Corporation is still run with pride and dedication by the same Suherlan family who have ensured that the guiding principals of its founder – Tirta Suherlan – are now enshrined as the company’s corporate Values: Quality, Care and Commitment. It has a strong track record as a leading regional company and is now carefully pursuing a wide variety of growth opportunities.

Trisula is planning to expand rapidly in the near future by introducing more international brands and providing more jobs in its Retail division, while its Textiles division goes from strength to strength, with its fabrics performance technology producing many in-demand functional fabrics.

It is enlarging its Property portfolio in Indonesia and beyond, and increasing its share of the Indonesian Garment market through quality improvement, product development, excellent customer service and more effective pricing to become a truly global uniform provider beyond its current markets in Asia, Australia, USA and the UK.

Following Trisula’s successful launch of its furniture company, PT. Chitose Internasional Tbk, on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2014, it plans to expand that division too, diversifying its products using wood, metals and other materials, and developing the consumer market.

The corporation also plans to enhance its role as a leader in good governance by increasing the use of sustainable products and processes, complying with as many international standards as possible, improving employees’ working environments and developing its Corporate Social Responsibility programme so it can give more back to society.