Trisula Corporation is one of Indonesia’s most respected businesses, with interests in textiles, garment manufacture, retail, property and furniture. Its employees enjoy some of the fairest and most rewarding working conditions in Indonesia – conditions regulated by international standards.

The corporation has developed an advanced system of corporate governance and has operations across much of Asia and Australasia. It is also the holding company for the publicly listed business Trisula International, which specialises in garment manufacture and the management of popular and lucrative clothing brands, and which floated on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2012.

Trisula Corporation is still run with pride and dedication by the same Suherlan family who have ensured that the guiding principals of its founder – Tirta Suherlan – are now enshrined as the company’s corporate Values: Quality, Care and Commitment. It has a strong track record as a leading regional company and is now carefully pursuing a wide variety of growth opportunities.

Trisula is planning to expand rapidly in the near future by introducing more international brands and providing more jobs in its Retail division, while its Textiles division goes from strength to strength, with its fabrics performance technology producing many in-demand functional fabrics.

It is enlarging its Property portfolio in Indonesia and beyond, and increasing its share of the Indonesian Garment market through quality improvement, product development, excellent customer service and more effective pricing to become a truly global uniform provider beyond its current markets in Asia, Australia, USA and the UK.

Following Trisula’s successful launch of its furniture company, PT. Chitose Internasional Tbk, on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2014, it plans to expand that division too, diversifying its products using wood, metals and other materials, and developing the consumer market.

The corporation also plans to enhance its role as a leader in good governance by increasing the use of sustainable products and processes, complying with as many international standards as possible, improving employees’ working environments and developing its Corporate Social Responsibility programme so it can give more back to society.

Our Company

Trisula Corporation is a well-established and diversified holding company with a wide range of financially successful businesses and an advanced system of corporate governance.

Our History

From its humble beginnings in 1968 in Indonesia, Trisula has grown into a diversified corporation of highly successful and well-governed businesses with operations across much of Asia and Australasia.

Our People

At its heart, Trisula is a family business and we have always held strong family beliefs. These beliefs are as important today as they were when Tirta Suherlan began the company in 1968 and they have become the core of our corporate Values.

Our Companies

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Trisula’s three Values are the principles and practices that all our employees adopt every day at work. Adopting these Values is helping us to achieve our Philosophy and Mission. These Values have helped to make Trisula what it is today: not just a highly successful clothing company but also a reliable and innovative fashion provider and a diversified holding company.

The three elements of Quality, Care and Commitment combine to form the basic essence of Trisula Corporation’s character and spirit. It is the source of its energy, inspiration and creativity. Just like the circle of life, the three elements will continue to dynamically roll towards Trisula’s final objective.

We believe in achieving the highest quality in everything we do by combining the skills of the heart and the mind. We always ask: how can this be improved? This dedication to excellence means all our products and services are of the highest quality. Reflecting and implementing commitment and care in all our thoughts, words and deeds gives birth to enthusiasm, passion and commitment to deliver the highest quality possible. Trisula Corporation is an inspiration and a source of energy and innovation, and will continue to excel in productivity and creativity, delivering the very best for shareholders and stakeholders.

We apply a world-class standard of care to everything we do. This includes how we manufacture a garment, how we manage renowned fashion brands, and how we run five-star luxury hotels, and also how we treat our employees, customers and stakeholders, and how we abide by global standards of corporate governance.

We all pledge a commitment to Trisula, a promise to work hard and strive for the very best results every day. This commitment has built strong family bonds between our businesses and between our teams of employees, helping Trisula to enhance its position as an industry leader. Without deep and clear commitment to ourselves, our careers, our work and our business partners and colleagues, we cannot fully achieve our Philosophy to create a better life for all.



We are one of the most innovative and technologically advanced textile companies in Asia, and a pioneer of environmentally-sound manufacturing practices. We are also an industry leader in Indonesian polyester and viscose-blend products and we stand at the forefront of the tailored corporate and men’s suit sectors.

Our main product is suit fabric made from either 100% polyester or polyester mixed with mostly natural fibres including rayon and cotton, and our most famous textile brands, domestically and globally, are Bellini and Caterina.

Our textile company, Trisula Textile Industries, creates its own innovative and unique polyester yarn, producing fabrics that are warming, cooling, water-repellent, wicking (quick absorbing and quick drying), anti-bacterial and UV-resistant, all of which are in high demand from the market.

Our corporate uniform company, PT Mido Indonesia, designs and manufactures corporate uniforms, textiles and fashion accessories to strengthen the corporate image of many prestigious organisations, such as banks and police forces.

Mido Indonesia produces exclusive corporate identities and comfortable uniforms that increase productivity and improve professionalism in the workforce. Mido Indonesia often incorporates in its designs the traditional Indonesia batik design.

Trisula is also a pioneer user of ecofriendly, recycled yarns, which are helping to decrease the textile industry’s impact on the environment. Trisula uses a recycled fibre developed in the US and containing certifiably recycled materials (including clean industrial waste and plastic bottles), which helps to conserve precious natural resources. Also, its production uses less petroleum and emits fewer greenhouse gases. Every fibre has a proprietary signature so companies using this recycled fibre can make genuine and reliable promises that their products contain recycled content. Trisula owns and operates the only mill in the country using these recycled polyester yarns.

Our combined excellence in raw material sourcing, customer communication, flexible and fast manufacturing and in-house design helps us to set trends and achieve high standards in quality. We combine Asian and European textile and garment manufacturing technology with creativity, and apply it to casual wear, lifestyle clothing, golf, executive office wear and uniforms. Also, we have established our own design studio, staffed by some of the most creative and exciting fashion designers in Asia.

We produce garments for our in-house fashion brands JOBB and (under license) for global brands Hugo Boss, Daks, Allegri, PING, Lyle & Scott, Mizuno, Hush Puppies and many more.

Our Corporate Garments division designs and produces uniforms for a wide range of industry sectors including banks, airlines, retail outlets, hotels, governments, schools, transportation entities and hospitals.

We consider ourselves a world-class corporate garment provider, using our strong design capabilities and hi-tech production systems to respond quickly and flexibly to customer orders. Our excellent customer service adds significant value in three key areas:

  • Design and sourcing, by having an on-site facility which allow our customer design teams to get customers’ ideas materialised fast.
  • High levels of flexibility on the quantity of orders.
  • Quick turnaround on repeat orders by aligning or schedules to fit our customers’ season projections.

Trisula’s Garment pillar plans to expand to become a truly global uniform provider, beyond our current markets in Asia, Australia, USA and the UK.

One of our key strengths is the vast distribution network we have established. By consistently committing to quality and care, we have managed to gain the trust of major department stores, established retail outlets and designer boutiques throughout Indonesia.

Our products are distributed at prominent department stores in Indonesia such as Seibu, Sogo, Metro, Debenhams, Centro, Matahari, Yogya, Pasar Raya and Sarinah. We also manage stand-alone shops in Jakarta and in several other major Indonesian cities.

Trisula’s publicly listed company Trisula International owns and operates roughly 250 outlets (with more to come), which is equal to around 6,200m2 of sales area, employing an estimated total of 600 people.

Trisula currently markets and distributes garments for its own brand, JOBB, which was established in 1995. Over the years, JOBB has grown to be one of Indonesia’s most preferred domestic office wear brands with approximately 120 points of sales across Indonesia at the end of 2015.

Trisula International has had a license to sell products from the famous American brand Jack Nicklaus in Indonesia since 1994. Trisula also established a Joint Venture company, PT. Triduaribu Bersatu (TB) in September 2012 with G2000 Hong Kong. TB authorises Trisula International to distribute G2000 products in Indonesia.

Trisula Corporation’s expansion into the furniture sector started in 1979 and has been one of several successful steps in the diversification of the company. In 2001, Trisula acquired the logo, trademark and 13 product designs from Japanese furniture company, Chitose Co. Ltd. Osaka.

We own the trademark and the license to market and distribute the brand and we have diversified significantly to a 300-strong product range, including products for the lucrative markets of education (schools, colleges and universities) and healthcare (hospitals).

We do this under our company PT. Chitose Internasional Tbk (CINT), which was launched on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in June 2014. CINT has more than 30 years’ experience in the furniture business and has achieved a dominant B2B market share in Indonesia with 22 distributors and 850 agents.

Trisula has announced the following goals for CINT:

  1. Maintain existing sales and enhance B2B and B2C channels
  2. Market focus on education and food services industry
  3. Develop upper market category products
  4. Diversify furniture products with wood, metals and other materials, and develop B2C market

Another bold and successful diversification has been the establishment of our Property division, which manages Property Investment (development of land and projects) and Property Hospitality (the ownership and/or operation of five-star hotels).

Such has been the early success of property that Trisula has acquired more land and entered into more joint venture projects, and in 2011, Trisula Corporation’s Chairman and CEO, Kiky Suherlan, formally established the Property pillar within the group.


For Trisula Corporation, profitability is only half the story. The other half is achieving success while applying the highest global standards of human rights, environmental stewardship and transparent business practices.

For example, under our strict Buyers’ Compliance policy, there is no child labour or daily or commission-only wages. We pay fair monthly wages, just as any worker could expect in the US, UK or Australia.

We have always adhered to the concept of ‘doing the right thing’ but in recent years we have invested time and money into formalising that concept to prove that we practise what we preach. We have evolved our holding company into a leader in corporate governance in Asia but there are always improvements to be made so our corporate governance drive is on-going.

of Conduct

Trisula introduced a Code of Conduct for all employees based on leading industry practice worldwide and on our Values. It requires them to work honestly, openly and with integrity.

Environmental Leadership

Trisula is pioneering the use of recycled materials in its textiles, thereby reducing its impact on the environment. In addition, recycled water treatment and ‘zero waste’ programmes have been implemented in the furniture production process.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Trisula is developing a progressive CSR Programme based on leading industry practice worldwide, which is assisting people and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Trisula is a strong believer in the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has established a programme to put its beliefs into practice.

The corporation has researched the concept of CSR and it understands the basic principles that are followed by most organisations and companies. Its CSR Programme was launched in 2010 and since then it has made some major contributions to society.

During pandemic Covid-19, Trisula is helping by producing non-medical masks, non-medical coverall, hospital beds. Trisula is also helping by donating the masks, coverall, and hospital beds to the hospitals all over Indonesia. Besides that, Trisula is also distributing package of needy items, such as rice, etc. to the needy people.

Focus on Children

Trisula believes that the future of a nation lies in the hands of its children, so it focuses its CSR on education for children.

The corporation is working hand-in-hand with seven foundations, all of which have the same mission to give children the best possible education. One of these is the globally famous World Vision.

Trisula supports 1,882 children across the entire Indonesian archipelago, and this number is growing.



Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat Blok A No. 1
Rawa Buaya, Cengkareng
Jakarta 11740, Indonesia


P: +62 21 5835 7377
F: +62 21 5835 8033
E: inquiry@trisula.com


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