Our People

our people

At its heart, Trisula is a family business and we have always held strong family beliefs. These beliefs are as important today as they were when Tirta Suherlan began the company in 1968 and they have become the core of our corporate Values.

Trisula Corporation employs a total of 7,400 employees, all of whom enjoy some of the fairest and most rewarding working conditions in Indonesia – conditions regulated by international standards.

Here is a breakdown of the workforce numbers by division:

  • Textile 950
  • Garment 5,100
  • Retail 730
  • Furniture 400
  • Property 220

The care shown by Trisula to its employees over the decades has helped to create a loyal and dedicated workforce that delivers excellent results.

In recent years we have been formalising our working conditions by significantly enhancing our Corporate Governance policies, in close alignment with global leading practices.

We believe we are now one of the leaders in corporate governance in Asia but we are still looking for ways to improve. One way we are doing this is by investing in Human Capital Development, which endeavours to nurture our employees, help them to learn new skills, grow professionally and personally, and be all that they can be.

Steering Trisula to a successful and well-governed future is the company’s Board of Directors. The Board members bring a wealth of experience, wisdom and skills to the corporation.